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Allen Wheeler, the driving force behind Sacramento's own Solely Veil, is a seasoned musician whose artistry transcends genres. With over two decades of dedication to music, Wheeler's impressive journey includes fronting acclaimed metalcore bands like Shortie and Burn Halo. Notably, his songwriting prowess has extended to collaborating with numerous professional musicians and artists over the course of his career.

Solely Veil, a deeply personal project, emerges as a canvas for Wheeler's unfiltered emotions. Unconfined by a singular musical style, it reflects the rich tapestry of his diverse influences. This creative endeavor is an intimate exploration of raw sentiments, an open-hearted expression of his artistic vision.

Wheeler's vision for Solely Veil is clear—to tap into the very essence of human emotion and convey life's truths and realities through his own experiences and unique perspective. With each note and lyric, he aims to evoke profound feelings within listeners, creating a powerful connection between the music and their hearts.